Illinois Bicentennial Resources

Below are resources aligned to The Illinois Chronicles book which was distributed to all schools in Illinois to celebrate the Illinois Bicentennial.

The Illinois Chronicles: Educator’s Guide

The Illinois Chronicles Educator’s Guide was created to support educator’s use of The Illinois Chronicles book within the classroom. Though these resources were created in celebration of the Illinois Bicentennial, the topics addressed within these resources address many aspects of Illinois history that can be studied for years to come.

The entire Educator’s Guide can be downloaded by clicking the image to the left. A few of the topic idea pages included in the guide address specific articles within The Illinois Chronicles. Those articles specifically mentioned are included within the Educator’s Guide that can be downloaded by clicking the cover image on the left.

The Illinois Chronicles

In the spring of 2018, all schools in Illinois received two FREE hard copies of The Illinois Chronicles book that were distributed through the Regional Offices of Education.

Additional copies are able to be purchased either individually or in a 30 copy class set (which also includes the electronic version of The Illinois Chronicles) through the publishing company, What on Earth Books.

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