Quick Answer: In Social Science Research, The Process Of Coming To An Agreement About What Terms Mean Is:?

Measurement. The process of coming to an agreement about what terms mean is. Conceptualization. A family of conceptions.

Which term refers to the process of specifying the exact definition of a term?

Conceptualization. The process of specifying what we mean by a term in (through) deductive research. the process of developing clear, rigorous, systematic conceptual definitions for abstract ideas/concepts.

Which of the following refers to the process of defining concepts by describing how they will be measured in a study?

This process is called operationalization. Your operational definitions describe the variables you will use as indicators and the procedures you will use to observe or measure them. You need an operational definition because you can’t measure anything without one, no matter how good your conceptual definition might be.

When we quantify nominal definitions this is called?

Operational definitions. Specify precisely how a concept will be measured, (i.e. what operations will be performed). Operational definitions are nominal, but they attempt to achieve clarity about the meaning of a concept within the context of a study.

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Which of the following are examples of nominal measures?

You can code nominal variables with numbers if you want, but the order is arbitrary and any calculations, such as computing a mean, median, or standard deviation, would be meaningless. Examples of nominal variables include: genotype, blood type, zip code, gender, race, eye color, political party.

What is an example of operationalization?

Operationalization means turning abstract conceptual ideas into measurable observations. For example, the concept of social anxiety isn’t directly observable, but it can be operationally defined in terms of self-rating scores, behavioral avoidance of crowded places, or physical anxiety symptoms in social situations.

What does operationalization mean in sociology?

Definitions of Operationalization (noun) The process of transforming an abstract concept into a precise definition that is measurable and testable; creating operational definitions.

What is Operationalised in psychology?

Operationalisation is the term used to describe how a variable is clearly defined by the researcher. The term operationalisation can be applied to independent variables (IV), dependent variables (DV) or co-variables (in a correlational design).

Why is operationalisation important?

Operationalization has the great advantage that it generally provides a clear and objective definition of even complex variables. It also makes it easier for other researchers to replicate a study and check for reliability.

What is conceptualization in research with examples?

Conceptualization is the process of specifying what we mean when we use particular terms. It is the reverse process of conception. ∎ Example: When we see the concept “feminism”, we make a list of phenomena representing the concept. The list could include the three items listed on the previous slide.

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What are the parts of a formal definition?

A formal definition consists of three parts: The term (word or phrase) to be defined. The class of object or concept to which the term belongs. The differentiating characteristics that distinguish it from all others of its class.

What is the relationship between internal and external validity?

Internal and external validity are concepts that reflect whether or not the results of a study are trustworthy and meaningful. While internal validity relates to how well a study is conducted (its structure), external validity relates to how applicable the findings are to the real world.

What is called measurement?

Measurement is the process of obtaining the magnitude of a quantity relative to an agreed standard. The science of weights and measures is called metrology.

What is nominal and its example?

Nominal: nominal is from the Latin nomalis, which means “pertaining to names”. It’s another name for a category. Examples: Gender: Male, Female, Other. Hair Color: Brown, Black, Blonde, Red, Other.

What are the 5 types of variables?

There are different types of variables and having their influence differently in a study viz. Independent & dependent variables, Active and attribute variables, Continuous, discrete and categorical variable, Extraneous variables and Demographic variables.

What are the 5 types of measurements?

Types of data measurement scales: nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio.

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